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Such Is Life Poster

Such Is Life Poster

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A2 420x 594 mm

Satin Finish

Leo sold the truck with about 1½ million kilometres on the clock to go farming. The truck was his deposit on the land. “I was getting sick of being on the road. The farm meant sleeping in my own bed at night so I got into feedlot and cattle which I’m still doing to this day.”

But that W900 was never far from Leo’s thoughts and his regret at having sold it intensified over the years. “That truck was never far from my thoughts and I finally decided that I’d buy another W900 and recreate it. Then, after 22 years my son came to me and said he’d found it! A mate of his in Adelaide had come across it. I went to the owner and asked if he was willing to sell it. He was – for $70,000!

“I’d sold it for $100,000 and thought $70K was a bit rich after 22 years, so I declined. One year later he came back to me with a price of $40,000 – still a bit high given the state it was in, but sentimentality hey?

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