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The Overtake Poster

The Overtake Poster

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A2 420 x 594 mm

Satin Finish

Simon Kerswell 790 HP Powered by a 3408 Cat motor.  One famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) Aussie Kenworth K100 called the AeroCat of Kerswell Express out of Adelaide. This rig hauled goods across Western Australia and did it absolutely hauling ass. Powered by a 3408 Cat the motor was actually sent over here in the states and was built with twin turbos pumping up the motor to 740hp, this was in the early 80’s mind you. Now why it’s infamous is it apparently topped out at around 230kph (130mph) and was a big target of cops. After it won Truckin’ Life’s Rig of the Year the sleeper was extended to a huge size as you see in the last pic. Sadly it was stolen and burned to the ground though from what I’ve read the circumstances is a little hazy.

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