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Heartbreaker Poster

Heartbreaker Poster

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A2 420x 594 mm

Satin Finish



Now, although the truck has Tony and Tracey Lake Trucking emblazoned upon it, it’s an appropriate time to mention that this is a full-on family show truck. Tony’s mum Dot has had a major influence on the entire build. In fact, it’s her love of the original ‘blonde bombshell’ Marilyn Monroe that gave the truck its name ‘Heartbreaker’ as well as the amazing artwork on the side.

The other notable participant in the creation of this masterpiece is Thommo. By day he drives the LTL for Princess Transport. By night and by early morning, as well as weekends, public holidays, truck shows, charity events and just anytime he’s not work you will find Thommo working on Heartbreaker. Thommo is the only one who drives it.

"I never drive the thing," Tony says. "Thommo takes it to all the shows and stuff."

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